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IPRS meeting Shanghai (China)
October 22nd – 24th, 2014

This meeting is an excellent occasion to discover the stunning city of Shanghai and to meet more friends from the eastern part of the world.

Program Council and IPRS meetings Shanghai

(CE credit request forms will be available after each session)

Wednesday, October 22nd
09.00 h Board meeting
11.30 – 12.30 h Lunch
12.30 – 14.30 h Jury meeting
12.30 – 15.00 h IPRS meeting 1 (click for details)
15.00 – 17.00 h Council meeting 1
17.15 h Group photo
17.30 – 18.00 h Opening Ceremony
18.00 h Welcome dinner
Thursday, October 23rd
09.00 – 12.00 h Council meeting 2
09.00 – 12.00 h IPRS meeting 2 (click for details)
12.00 – 13.00 h Lunch
13.00 – 16.00 h Watching competitions and visiting school
17.30 – 19.00 h IPRS Social Club
Cocktails and conversations
Executive Lounge, 21st floor, Shanghai Hotel
19.00 h Dinner
Friday, October 24th
09.00 – 12.00 h Council meeting 3
12.00 – 13.00 h Lunch
14.30 – 18.00 h Visit to Oriental Pearl TV Tower
19.00 h Farewell dinner

If you have contributions please email. We invite your participation.

Patti Calabro (patti.calabro@iprs-info.org)
Marlene Rijkse (marlene.rijkse@iprs-info.org)
Rian Schwarz-van Poppel (rian.schwarz@iprs-info.org)

IPRS meetings – Items and questions

IPRS meeting 1 (Wednesday, October 22nd)

  1. Opening by Mrs. Rian Schwarz-van Poppel
  2. Greeting from Chinese host
  3. New developments in reporting technique:
    presentation by the Dutch delegation (correction website)
    1. Are you acquainted with the right of correction in your parliament/court/reporting field?
    2. If not, how do you correct mistakes in the report?
    3. If you have the right of correction, what is the procedure?
    4. If possible, what would you like to change in the procedure?
  4. Working in the 21st century reporters office – Time to go green at work
    1. We will talk about the eco-friendly practices of our offices. Please note one or two of those practices to share at our IPRS workshop in Shanghai.
    2. Please think about sharing what step(s) you can take to become more eco-conscious on the job.

IPRS meeting 2 (Thursday, October 23rd)

  1. Navigating the IPRS website
    1. What kind of information can we add to the website? When we do, how do we keep that information up to date?
    2. How can we encourage participation/interaction on Facebook?
    3. What do you think of a column “a day in the life of”, written weekly by another IPRS member?
  2. Prepare for Budapest
  3. Information exchange and current events
    Questions (the questions focus on your specific profession and the training opportunities that are available in your country for this profession):
    1. Does the college have a system of quality assurance (internal and/or external)? What does it undertake to guarantee high quality education?
    2. What is the duration of the course/study as well as the structure and the level of the training? Is it possible – after passing the exam – to move on to another study (i.e. to a bachelor or a master programme)?
    3. Which requirements and skills – regardig the profession – has the graduate to meet? How is determined if the knowledge, skills and attitude of the student are sufficient? Do you receive a (recognized) certificate/graduate or a diploma after having completed the training?
    4. Have a professional code and a professional profile been formulated? What kind of aspects are stated in these documents?
    5. Does a professional association exist? Can you give examples of the tasks of that association and what it wants to achieve?
    6. How do you keep up with the latest developments in your profession? Are there any organizations who monitor the quality of the professionals? And if so: how? For instance: refresher training.
  4. Closing remarks by Mrs. Rian Schwarz-van Poppel

Registration and payment

You can register for our meeting in Shanghai by using the form at www.intersteno.info where you find additional information and the list of registered participants.
The Chinese group has done many efforts to offer us an attractive program/environment.

Payments should be done through Western Union in RMB.
The payment should be addressed to Mr. Keliang Tang, Beijing, China. (Tang is the last name; Keliang is the first name).
Address: 15C1, T2, Xihuan Plaza, 1st, XiZhiMenWai Street, XiCheng District, Beijing, PR China.

As soon as the payment is done, please send the MTCN-number (Money Transfer Control Number, given by Western Union), together with your full name, country and the paid amount in RMB to weixia_vickie@163.com or liaoqing41@163.com.

Please register before the end of June. Payments can be done until 15th of July 2014. After this date, we cannot guarantee the hotel and room conditions.


The Council and IPRS meetings will be hosted at the Shanghai Hotel, 505 Wulumuqi Road (N), 200040 Shanghai (China) from Wednesday, October 22nd to Friday, October 24th, 2014.

The Shanghai Hotel, carrying the name of the city, is located in the highly desirable Jing’An residential / commercial area, within walking distance of landmarks such as Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road. Downtown offices and major tourist attractions are all just a short drive away. The price is 430 RMB for a superior king room / a superior twin room per day, including breakfast. If you cancel 72 hours in advance, there will be no charge for cancellation.

In addition, we also recommend the Jing An Hotel, which belongs to the same group as the Shanghai Hotel and which is located next to the Shanghai Hotel. The Jing An Hotel is a stunning establishment surrounded by 6,000 square meters of landscaped gardens. Consisting of two buildings, the main building is a classical Spanish styled structure, built in the 1920s. The west building, which was completed in 1985, features a Japanese inspired style. This hotel is superbly located in the heart of the business district of Shanghai.

We recommend this hotel because it is a heritage architecture, and it received numerous heads of state, heads of government and politicians, such as U.S. President Richard Nixon, U.K. Princess Margaret and Norodom Sihanouk from Cambodia. The price is 60 euros/room/day, including breakfast. If someone is interested in this hotel, they can also contact us to book rooms. Only 35 rooms can be booked in the Jing An Hotel, so if somebody wants to book this hotel, please contact us as soon as possible.

Transfer from airport Hongqiao Airport (SHA): take Metro Line 2 (direct to Guanglanlu station), get off at Jing An temple station (through 7 stations), then, walk to the hotel (about 760 m).

Transfer from Pudong Airport (PVG): take Airport Bus No. 2, get off at Jing An Si station, then walk to the hotel (about 760 m).

Hongqiao Airport is 12 kilometers away, Pudong Airport is 47 kilometers away, and the Shanghai Railway Station is just seven kilometers from the hotel.

Hotel websites:

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