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The technical system used for distributing a report

presentation by Mr. Petr Peňáz (Teiresiás, Head of the support centre for students with special needs) of the Masaryk University

Prague, 30th September 2012

At the university there are approximately one hundred deaf users who rely on our services. What we do is not the usual speech-to-text-reporting. What we do, is similar to parliamentary situation, because we offer the report to many people. It is not always easy to have the report on the main screen. We have to be as flexible as possible in distributing the report to many persons being present in one room. That is why we developed a certain technology. Christoph Damm, representant of our technical team, will present this technology.

Christoph Damm summarizes the system as follows. There are different use cases of speech-to-text reporting. At the university this is primarily targeted to the deaf and hearing-impaired students. The user misses a lot of side information. For a student it is important to not just follow what a speaker says, but also to where he is pointing to. Speech-to-text reporters face the same problem. Our approach was to connect to the speaker. In today’s ages everyone has a smart phone. You can use that as a screen, and change the settings to your need. A speech-to-text reporter makes a real-time transcript of a speech, which is then broadcasted in the network. The user can connect to this broadcast. So the system has two components: a sender and a receiver. The sender is connected to the speech-to-text reporter. The receiver can follow the reporting in real-time with, for instance, his smart phone or iPad, according to his preferences. It is also possible to view real-time text reporting in more than one language, like Czech and English. We also use a polygraph.

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