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Plenary discussion about the future of IPRS

discussion lead by Ms. Lida Horlings

Prague, 30th September 2012

There have been many activities in the last six months. Does anyone ever read the IPRS website on http://www.iprs-info.org/? I see many people do. We also have a newsletter. In our latest newsletter, from May 2012, we made a distinction between IPRS meetings at Intersteno congresses and meeting inbetween congresses, like this one in Prague. The newsletter said that in the IPRS congress meetings we focus more on presentations, also by external experts et cetera, and that on the inbetween IPRS meetings we focus more on workshops, as we have done this weekend. An important question for the Intersteno congress and the IPRS meetings in Ghent is what you all would prefer. Presentations? Workshops? Please tell us, because a call for papers for the congress will be launched in a few weeks, with the closing date end of January. That also regards the IPRS sessions. If IPRS does not want presentations but just workshops, we have to know this beforehand, because then we do not schedule presentations.

The following suggestions were given:

Marianne van Gool: A combination of demonstrations, workshops, and presentations.

Petr Peňáz: Fewer workshops and fewer questions to discuss about.

Patty Calabro: A demonstration to start a discussion, with more time to prepare the discussion to overcome language obstacles and get more in-depth discussions.

Ms. Horlings explains that there is only limited time, as there are also other activities during congresses. Theoretically a whole day could be organized with IPRS activities. But this requires volunteers. Ms. Schwarz asks anyone who is willing to help to send her an e-mail.

Ms. Horlings says that the functionality of the website will be further developed. She urges everyone to register. There is a database with the contact information, the working environment, and the expertise of members.

Ms. Patty Calabro calls upon everyone to “think out of the box” to share information outside the regular sessions, for instance, before the start of the day.

A proposal is made to discuss about the topics of workshops and to download presentations in advance to get more effective workshops. This will be considered for the next time. Programmes are published on the IPRS website and on Facebook. After publication everyone can start a discussion on Facebook, but please in English, so everyone can follow and join in. The English does not have to be perfect, as long as the message gets across.

A suggestion is made to conduct a survey about technological developments in relationship to parliamentary/court reporting. A similar survey was conducted for World E-Parliament. However, IPRS does not have the means to do this.

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