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The post-reporting services at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the Information Age

Ayşe Yedekçi (Turkey)

report by Wouter Zwijnenburg

Ayşe Yedekçi, reporter in the Turkish parliament, gives an insight in the post-reporting services at the grand national assembly of Turkey. Her presentation clearifies the Turkish parliament has invested a lot in the accessibility of parliamentary proceedings.

The digital report of the proceedings is updated every 30 minutes and the final minutes are available within half an hour after the session is closed. The report of the speeches of the members of parliament in the plenary session and the committees is sent to them within half an hour. In special cases, when a procedural debate is going on or when an offensive remark is made, the minutes can be demanded urgently. The unedited version is delivered on demand.

The minutes are accessible in various ways, for instance through index info and date. They can be searched by entering a term, a legislative year, a session, a starting date, an ending date and a keyword.

The parliamentary office also produces a summary of the minutes: a short text reflecting the course of events in the plenary session from the opening till the end. It is published at the beginning of next session’s minutes. In the last legislative term audio and video summaries became available on the parliament’s website. Even a mobile application has been developed to make the minutes accessable.

The presentation slides for this presentation are available on our Downloads page.

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