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Eduksi ­– new information technology for parliamentary reporting

Eero Voutilainen (Finland)

report by Henk-Jan Eras

Maarit Peltola and Pauliina Peltokorpi, working wih the Finnish Parliamentary Reporting Office, joined forces for a presentation on Eduksi. Eduksi is the name of a new information technology system for parliamentary reporting. The Finnish Parliament launched Eduksi in the spring of 2015 after a long proces of development. It is a XML-based management system for all documents in the legislative proces of the Parliament of Finland.

Eduksi enables reporters to use readymade textfrases for the formal, decision making parts of the report. It also offers reporters full benefit of the information produced by a new plenary hall system. Other advantages are faster publishing, during and after the session, and establishing a paperless workflow. Eduksi uses new technology provided by readily available products, tailormade to suit specific needs.

A new interface in Eduksi provides both typist, reporter and publisher an overview of the workload. A system of colours indicates wich 10-minute turns are to be transcribed (red), in progress (yellow) or completed (green). The draft report is then published on the website for the general public and on the MP’s workplace for revision. With Eduksi the Finnish Parliamentary Reporting Office looks ready for the future!

The presentation slides for this presentation are available on our Downloads page.

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