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Live and on demand broadcasting in Japanese Local Parliaments

Takeshi Usuba (Japan)

report by Takeshi Usuba (JP)

After the so-called golden age of stenography, between the fourties and the seventies, more and more Japanese companies have been developing new technologies. A fine example is the Kaigirokukenkyusho Company, established some 30 years ago and employing some 450 people. As Takeshi Usuba, working for Kaigirokukenkyusho, explaines, companies like these introduced both tape recordings, to replace handwritten records, and search engines, used locally and online. One of the latest developments is live and on-demand broadcasting of parliamentary assemblies.

The Diet, the Japanese parliament, uses an advanced reporting service, working on a full-text database construction. Furthermore, a video distribution system is accessible online. The latest addition is a realtime or live subtitle service. Displayng subtitles is not only helpful for the deaf and the hard of hearing. It can also help people with good hearing. The content of the debates as such can be difficult to comprehend and can be made more accessible by using subtitles.

The live subtitle service system is a web based remote caption input and viewing system. It sends the voice of the speaker from the assembly hall to the centre of Tokyo via mobile phone line, where 2 to 3 employees enter the information via keyboard and send back the information to the local parliament via internet. This real time caption distribution system enables the hearing impaired to follow a debate by smartphone or tablet. In the opinion of Takeshi Usuba realtime subtitle services are going to be adopted in every field in Japan.

The presentation notes for this presentation are available on our Downloads page.

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