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Presentations of shorthand seminar in Rome

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th 2014 at 07:22 UTC

IPRS logoAs previously announced, a seminar on shorthand was organized by Intersteno and onA.I.R. on 29 September in the Parliamentary Acts Room of the Italian Senate in Rome. The seminar’s topic was the process for the recognition of shorthand as an intangible masterpiece of humanity by UNESCO.

The presentations from this seminar are now available on the Intersteno website:

  • Shorthand and ideography – Prof. Tsuguo Kaneko (Japan)
  • La Stenografia nel Corso dei Secoli e la Stenografia Oggi – Una breve sintesi (Shorthand through the ages and shorthand today – A short overview) – Prof. Waldir Cury (Brazil)
  • Achievements with Shorthand – Shorthand as a Cultural Technique – Prof. Dr. Boris Neubauer (Germany)

These presentations can be downloaded from the Scientific Committee Archive on the Intersteno website.

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