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Populaire – A French movie featuring a late 1950s typewriting contest

Posted on Monday, November 26th 2012 at 18:36 UTC

A movie featuring a typewriting contest in the late 1950s is being released this week in France, Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands. More countries will follow in early 2013.

The movie, titled Populaire, is a French comedy directed by Régis Roinsard, starring Romain Duris and Déborah François.

Populaire has been produced with the help of a group of Intersteno competitors in Paris last year, coming from Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Populaire – movie poster

Here are some thoughts from the leading actress, Déborah François (translated from the French by Geert Bonte):

“Before I found myself involved in the adventure of filming Populaire, I had never heard anyone talk about speed typing championships and above all, I didn’t even know they existed! Only when I was preparing for the role of Rose Pamphyle, a speed typing champion, I discovered this incredible world of typing.

Thanks to Jacqueline Marlet, my teacher, I learned to type with 10 fingers without looking at the keys. Then she became my intractable but benevolent coach, so I could obtain a high enough typing speed to become convincing on the screen. During these months of training and filming, I have met and faced real champions from several countries. Today, I can testify that speed typing is a real sport, one that requires perfect concentration, great endurance and extraordinary dexterity.

Next year’s world championships in computer typing will take place in my native country of Belgium. I’m very pleased to welcome competitors from around the world and I encourage them to break all records!”

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