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Audio transcription trial competition at Intersteno 2013

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd 2012 at 11:32 UTC

IPRS logoAt the next Intersteno Congress in Ghent, an audio transcription trial competition will be organized.

The rules for this competition are available on the Intersteno website.

In this document, Intersteno introduces the trial competition as follows:

The development of digital audio recording joint with the possibility of a files transfer over Internet has considerably influenced the process of text production (reports) through their transcription, which is actually the greater part in the professional reporting field.
This transcription can be done with the keyboard, stenotype or speech recognition.
We should therefore, keep up with technological changes and, before others entities, take possession of this idea. Intersteno assess the concrete possibility of an audiotranscription competition according to the criteria indicated in the presentation released in Prague and consolidated in the draft of the rules hereunder, which have been aligned with the discussions and decisions taken on that occasion.

The duration of the competition is 10 minutes. Participants will receive an audio file with the text in their mother tongue and may use keyboard, stenotype or voice recognition in re-speaking mode.

This competition allows participation of sight-impaired or blind persons.

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